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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Furniture store in Turlock rumored to be haunted.

Minerva's Furniture in downtown Turlock
Photo courtesy of Google Streetview.

Usually the stories I write about on here are local legends I either find somewhere on the internet, in a book or from someone's first hand account. Rarely do I find any news articles on anything paranormal related, and when I do it's rarely taken seriously. So while researching a legend in the town of Turlock, I came across this article of a haunted furniture store that was ran in the Turlock Journal back in October 2010.

The article talks about how when Carlos Sandoval, the owner of Minerva's Furniture moved his store into it's current location back in 2008. As he was moving he would notice apparitions moving in the back hallway and what sounded like metal pieces being banged together in the back warehouse. Apparently the back warehouse used to be a blacksmith's shop and some of the original equipment is still there.

Eventually Sandoval decided he wanted to know what was going on and invited a local paranormal group in to investigate. The investigation occurred on Aug. 14, 2010 and a photo of a black shadow was taken in the main building as well as several EVP recordings were done. Then in a January investigation another EVP was recorded in the basement, this time of a growling like noise.

Though these things were unable to be debunked, the investigation group was still not ready to determine Minerva's haunted. But Sandoval isn't so quick to agree. He says there are still mysteries in his store and there is something not normal there.

Full source: Turlock Journal
Author: Maegan Martens


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They need to investigate the place. It will only scare possible customers.

Unknown said...

LEts investigate this too

Anonymous said...

I have been in that house several times. I was also present during the move from where Dust Bowl is now. There is several entities in that house. One of them is not very nice. I only witnesses one event in 2008. The hair on the back of my neck still stands up when I pass that house. You might catch a glimpse of the little girl in the windows of the sun room on the top floor in the back of the house.