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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange lights seen in Fresno skies over the weekend

It seems that there were some strange lights seen in Fresno this past weekend. It was a little before 10:00 pm on Saturday night when my phone rang and the caller ID said it was my mother calling. I didn't answer, mostly cause I was in a bar drinking and singing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" in a duet and I want my mother to think that I wasn't out causing trouble. So I let it go to voice mail and checked it a few mintues later. She said she had seen some strange lights in the northern part of Fresno County, in a triangle formation. She said they didn't didn't look normal and wondered if I had seen anything. When I had checked my voicemail I had stepped outside as the previously menitoned bar was packed. I happened to look up into the night sky (which was rather cloudy) and noticed there were several spot lights moving across the clouds. I tried calling my mother back, but didn't get ahold of her. Figuring this is what she saw, I decided to drop the matter and go back inside and finish my drink.

The next morning, as I was heading on out to help a friend, my phone rang again. Checking the caller ID, I see it's the my Google Voice number which is the number I have listed for Weird Fresno. In a hurry, I let it go to voicemail (I swear I answer my phone honestly). When I listened to it later, someone had said they had recieved several calls at 5:40 am saying there were strange lights over the east side of Fresno that were moving rather erraticly.

Now did these Sunday morning lights have anything to do with what my mother saw? I still haven't heard back from her, so it's hard to say. I really doubt they were the spotlights I saw on Saturday night as this sighting took place early Sunday morning. One thing is certain though, strange things are definitely in the Fresno night skies again.


Anonymous said...

Air National Guard Testing was reported

Anonymous said...

Working for the AF we've had planes reported as UFOs numerous times.

Anonymous said...

On Friday February 2,2018 I was in the vicinity of Ashland ave. and Fowler ave.In a nearby neighborhood.It was approx. 9pm.I was outside my ex Brother in laws house paying Him my rent money.We were outside talking when I happened to look up in the sky to the North and slightly East.A big orange reddish light seemed to be coming out of nowhere headind South.It wasn't a Helicopter,or an airplane because there was no noise coming from it.My Brother in law said the same thing but then He noticed another one coming right behind it then another one. I'd say there were Seven orange ball shaped lights all together.All in unison of one another like in a military formation.They made a left and headed east over the mountains and disappeared.My Brother in law mentioned that eastward over the mountain range is Area 51.No telling what those lights might have been but I've never seen anything like it.