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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strange creatures caught on video in Yosemite

If you've read this site for a while now, you probably know one of my favorite stories is the one of the strange creatures that were captured on CCTV in Fresno. Over the two plus years that I've being doing this, it has to be the strangest video I have seen and the one that I just cannot explain. I was a bit disappointed in thinking that it was just a one time occurrence. It looks like I might have been wrong.

Over the weekend I came across a video reported to have been shot someone up in the Yosemite area. Now the video quality is bad (seriously how hard is it to get a camera with decent resolution?) but you see two figures moving from left to right across the screen and their movement is similar to the creatures from the original CCTV video.

According to the person who posted the video, "sierraparahunter", a couple that were friends of his captured this video from a security camera aimed at the driveway. Not knowing what it was, they sent it to him knowing he had an interest in the paranormal. He noticed the similarities to the stick figure video and decided to post it to YouTube.

Personally I'm not sure what to say about this. The video quality already has me thinking this isn't real, plus the movements just look so unnatural that I wonder if they are puppets. But I found a second video where "sierraparahunter" went up to where the video was taken, took some reference photos for heights, and superimposed the video over them to get a scale for the figures. If the video is accurate, then the larger figure is about 36" to 40" and the smaller figure is maybe a bit over 24".

I've contact "sierraparahunter" but have not heard back from them yet. Until then I'm going to be cautious and not say this video is legitimate. There are too things that have me questioning this.


JC said...

I myself have alot of questions about it too and im still trying to figure out exactly what it is..i have seen both videos along with my friends and my girlfriend..the first one in fresno in 2007 is clearer and still has me seems to match up though in the height of the object.."fact or fake" a tv show on cable came out to check it out and see if they could call it fake but i think in the end they werent able to rule it as that like to know what your opinion is and what others think on it too

Clearly Claire said...

My first thought was the white is only the bottom half, the upper half of the 'critter' being too dark to show up properly. So, my guess would be two guys on stilts, wearing white sheeting over the stilts. That's my best guess, and mind, I believe in UFOs. If this is a real undentified alien, it must be very, very, VERY new to Earth.

Michael said...

@JC: I don't know. Part of me is saying it's a hoax as the movement looks like someone on stilts. It's just the size that has me baffled and not 100% sure it's fake.

@Claire: Did you see the video that was shot in Fresno? This is going to sound strange (shocking for this site I know), but they remind me of some stories I read about Fairy Folk. Who knows. There are still things in this world we know nothing about.

JC said...

@michael...the movement does look similar to that of someone on stilts but the suggested size of the creature in question is too small..its wierd..its definitely something worth looking into..maybe FOF should come out again to this new area and check it out again..

Hurricane Martha said...

FAKE! No question in my mind.

Lirpa said...

It seems so obvious that this is two people walking forward, but the film has been reversed, and their upper-halves erased (which would be easy enough to do since the background image is static). So, it's an adult and child-sized pair of legs shown walking played backwards. Their knees are RIGHT THERE.

Ancient Scripts said...

The movement of the two entities looks clumsier than the ones in the original Fresno video. It just feels like somebody is walking on stilts and badly. I also think the apparent size of 3 to 4 ft could be some kind of forced perspective.

Clearly Claire said...

These critters were featured on a recent (to me anyway) episode of Fact or Faked on the Scifi channel. They interviewed the guy who submitted the footage, then they tried to duplicate it. They tried using a live kid walking, then a robotic thingmabob. They were unable to duplicate the original footage. They also went into nearby woods at night to see if they could find anything weird, and they did not.
The show did't try filming someone on stilts, then using digital magic to erase the top half of the figure, leaving only the voluminous leggings out for a stroll.
Fact or Fake concluded the creatures on the Fresno footage are still of unknown origin.