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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weird Fresno gets a psychic reading

I know I tend to focus on the folklore aspect of the paranormal in the Fresno area, but I feel sometimes I leave out the metaphysical side.

Now I've never claimed to be psychic or sensitive (some of my ex-girlfriends would agree with that) but there are those out there that are but don't know how to hone their skills. Recently several sensitives that I used to work with in my ghost hunting days have started a psychic group to help those who don't know how to use their gifts to the full extent. One asked me to come to a meeting as they wanted to do a reading from someone the group didn't know (the sensitives didn't read me as they know me and could effect things) and knew how I'm skeptical of things.

The meeting started off pretty low key, the group mediated a bit. Turns out they were focusing on me. No cold readings ala John Edwards or Silvia Brown bullshit going on here. Honestly I was expecting this as that's how most supposed psychics work.

After ten minutes they finished and one of the group leaders asked for a personal object of mine. I've been wearing a Celtic cross and St. Michael's medal that inside when I ghost hunted lately so I thought I would give that to them as it had meaning to me. Each of the group held it for a minute or so before handing it to the next. All of them had a notebook and would jott something down every now and then.

When they were done, each began to tell me the impressions they got. Most were generalize and could be interpreted in several ways. But some were spot on and it was honestly a bit unnerving as I usually don't believe in this sort of thing. One girl asked me if I worked with buildings for a living, I told her how I worked in architecture. Another asked if I was a NASCAR fan, which I am (shut up I love racing). She then asked if I played the guitar. I did when I was sixteen, but haven't in years and I thought this question was weird. She told me I should pick it back up. Too bad I pawned the thing off years ago.

The group meets ever second Saturday of the month. But next month they are doing a Psychic Bootcamp, and the information on that can be found here. After that they will again meet for the psychic circle. If anyone is interested in going they meet at 1474 Van Ness Ave, which is just a bit north of Audie's Olympic Tavern at around 1:00pm. All they ask for is a volunterry donation to help rent the space.

For more information on the group itself, they have their own site which has the information on when they meet and where.


Anonymous said...

hello i am an Indigo child and i would like to learn to use my abilities to their full extent, please reply. it would be greatly appreciated if you could find someone who can help me.

Michael said...

I would suggest clicking the link at the bottom of the article, Michele Tedrow from the CCPI Lightworkers (who was one of the psychics who was at the reading) will be able to help you.