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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Return to Snake Road

Last Saturday night I was bored and itching to do a bit of ghost hunting so I decided I'd take a drive to Channel, or Snake Road, in Sanger (which is in the eastern part of Fresno County) as it had been a couple of years since I had been there and I wanted to shoot some video for the website. Now normally I wouldn't advise anyone to go alone, so I let a few people know where I was at in case something happened.

For those who don't know the legend, basically it says that a woman and her two children were driving down the very windy road (this is where it gets the nickname Snake Road) and she took a turn too fast and drove off into the river. She was unable to get out of the car and drowned there. Her two children were able to get out, but they drowned downstream. Supposedly the mother wanders up and down the road at night looking for her two children. I did a more lengthy post here, explaining how I felt it was more urban legend than anything else. Still I wanted to check it out.

I left the apartment with both cameras fully charged. But when I got there, my video camera was nearly drained and had maybe four minutes left on it. I have no idea what caused this, but I have been on investigations before where electronic's would suffer battery drain similar to this when there was paranormal activity around.

Still I was able to shoot this bit of video. I apologize for the first part as it's pitch black, even with the night vision turned on. I decided to leave it in as you can hear the confusion in my voice regarding the battery drain. The latter part is me driving down the road as I wanted to show how windy it actually was.

I don't know what caused the battery drain. I did check my camera the next day after recharging it and there were no problems (even used it that night with no problems). Maybe the charge didn't take for some reason. Or maybe there was something out there that didn't want me filming. I think a second trip may be warranted in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you noticed. But at around 2:53 you see something walk across the road even though it's slightly blurred.

Anonymous said...

I went down snake road on Wednesday right before it got dark. I drove slow (about 15 mph) and was taking video with my phone. I took several small video clips. My camera on my phone kept freezing. Kind of werid......

Melissa said...

Growing up in Sanger this story goes way back. I've heard so many different versions and even know someone who swears they went out there one night with a group of friends and they saw someone up the road(unclear if it was a man or woman) walk across the road in front of them.
There is also a legend of the bridge at Anadale and Riverbend in Sanger being haunted by a woman.
It would be interesting if someone could find an actual news story from the past linking those locations to an event that would explain how the stories got started.

Anonymous said...

I have many relatives buried in the Sanger cemetery, my sisters and I watched a ghost hunters story once and we want to try one of their techniques. We took a cassette recorder and left it on my moms grave and walked away like they did. We came back and listened to the could hear my mom crying on the tape. We left the tape in one of the garbage cans there. I still to this day cant go thru the gates there unless it is high noon and very bright, something told me once when it was almost dark not to go in there, I stopped and didn't go thru the gates I went home.