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Monday, September 6, 2010

Strange red lights seen over Clovis

Strange lights were reported to be seen over Clovis on the night of August 31, 2010 a little after 11:00 pm. The witness describes them as several red lights and speculates that there were two craft that were flying in some kind of formation. The objects were first seen in the western part of the sky and without any sound quickly headed south.

The witness states that they were unable to make out the shape of the craft(s) as the distance was too great but was able to describe it's flight pattern. The objects were decending slightly as they moved south until they disappeared behind several houses and were no longer seen. The lights were described as being very bright, being compared to that of a stoplight. The lights also seemed to flicker, similiar to that of a strobe effect.

The witness states the aircraft was comletely silent and there was no sound of a jet engine or that of a helicopter. They also noted that they felt it may have been some sort of military aircraft that was on manuevers late at night, but weren't really certain.

Clovis has been a hotbed of UFO activity lately with rumored UFO crashes and other sightings making the local news, but this sighting reminds me of the one that happened on Interstate 5 where two women saw several blinking red lights in a triangle formation. Could what have been seen recently be this same craft or something similiar? Hopefully MUFON will see the similarities and investigate it.

MUFON report: Red lights over Clovis, CA.

We saw some type of UFO tonight that had bright red lights on it-- date: Aug.31,2010, over Clovis,CA at 11:10PM. It seemed to be more than two air- craft flying in tight formation. It appeared in the western sky and traveled silently and swiftly going South. We could not see the shape of the aircraft as it was too far away. It seemed to decend slightly, while going southward, and disappeared behind trees and rooftops until we could no longer see it. The red lights on this were vivid, like the red of a stop light. The lights seemed to flutter back and forth in an almost strobe light effect. The aircraft was silent, and although traveling very fast, we heard no jet engins. These were not helicopters as they were completely silent, nor was it a commercial plane with steady beacon lights. We don't know what kind of aircraft it was-- some new, silent military plane they are taking out on manuvers maybe? This was a lot like the first sighting we had a few days ago of a similar aircraft with red lights on it.


Unknown said...

I think I have seen this before on a fishing trip, it was kinda wedge shaped and about the size of a football field. It did have some red lights, it moved slowly and was silent. I seen this object over lake Kaweah with a friend of mine.

isabear said...

I seen this about one month ago in Madera. It was flashing red lights to eachother, I was silent, large and moved slow. It was around 11 pm. I still can't believe it!....

Anonymous said...

I just seen a bunch of red strobe light flying the lights look almost like a cop light flashing. They were scattered through our the sky. And looked like they were coming towards something. It’s absolutely insane, it has me freaked out. There was alot of them but some where farther away.