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Monday, February 15, 2010

Police chase Chupacabra and get it on tape.

While on duty, Sheriffs deputies in Texas came across a strange animal they could only describe as a Chupacabra. The animal was hairless and the deputies described it with a short front snout and having shorter front legs than the back ones. The county sheriff said he is willing to work with credible researchers to help determine what this creature actually is.

Honestly to me this looks like another case of a dog or coyote having a case of mange and being misidentified as a Chupacabra. Though I do find it interesting that the sheriff is taking this so seriously, most just write it off as something mundane. Guess they take the problem of the Chupacabra in Texas seriously.

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The Fresnan said...

I just think it's a mut dog because it's running down the road. I feel like if it's something wild it wouldn't be running along the road...shit I dunno what I'm sayin.