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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is a Fresno home plagued with poltergeist activity?

Is this small house in Fresno plagued with poltergeist activity?

Over the years on a street called Tyler, there is a house that has changed owners more times than of those surrounding it. Rumors of red eyes staring out from darkened closets and bedrooms intermixed with that of objects flying off counter tops. There was once a report of someone finding a mutilated cat carcass in the attic space.

No one really knows what was the cause of this activity, or why it's been occurring for so many years (most poltergeist activity last only a few weeks at the most). I did have the chance to investigate the house both in 2001 and 2007, but both times I did not witness anything out of the ordinary. I was able to talk to the realtor of the house and was able to confirm the high number of owners (at least 20 over the past 15 years). Though this could be due to the location of the property, it's not in the best location and there have been reports of gang activity there.

Last I checked the house was up for sale again. Perhaps it's just another victim of the housing crisis. Or perhaps there is something else there keeping people from living in it.

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