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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ghost hunters investigate spirits at Manteca bar

A bar in Manteca claims to have special "spirits", but they can't be found on the menu.

The owner of Finley's Bar and Grill has always felt like someone was with her even when she was alone. Debora Finley says she's seen glasses fall and a dark figure lurking in the bar. Customers and employees have gotten so spooked that some of them left and never came back.

Ghost Research Investigators of the Paranormal came to search for answers. They took pictures of the bar and rooms using night vision. They found a white speck and an orb in some photos they took. They claim it was the ghost trying to manifest him or herself.

The investigators also used tape recorders, and claim a faint sound on the recordings says "I'm right here".

"I was so scared my knees were knocking. I couldn't make them quit." said Finley "As soon as she asked 'Would you give us a sign?'" the pans would fly off. It startled them and it startled us."

The bar building has been around since 1903, but Finley says she doesn't know the history of the building or who might be lurking.

Click here for a video on the story and here for the link back to the original article.

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