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Monday, August 3, 2009

Multiple witnesses see UFO in San Fernando Valley

In late November of 2008, multiple witnesses saw a strange craft moving through the night skies of Southern California. The witnesses describe the craft as that of a "large V shaped craft" that was silent and had red flashing lights on it's underside.

One couple, who were sitting in their convertible noticed an unusually large object in the north east sky. They described it as "an absolutely enormous V shaped craft" moving slowly north. There were a number of red lights on the craft and a reddish glow emanating or reflecting off the bottom. The witnesses were able to view the object for only a few seconds before it was out of their line of sight.

A witness in Sylmar heard a low humming noise in the sky. As they looked to see what was the cause of the noise, they noticed seven to eight bright red lights on what looked to be a very large triangular shaped craft moving slowly over the northeast end of the San Fernando Valley skies. The witness reported the lights were stationary at first, but suddenly began moving rapidly around the edge of the craft in a strobe like fashion. Then the large object appeared to separate into seven smaller objects, each one had a white light with a red light encircling it rapidly. They all flew off in different directions. The witness also notes that about an hour later, around 10:30, a major fire broke out in the area where the craft were seen flying and wonders if they had anything to do with it.

Two other witnesses first saw a moving light floating across the sky. As it got closer they noticed it was a huge black isosceles triangular shaped craft with eight red lights on the front, left, and right sides. The object was less than 100 feet in the air, and when it was over the witnesses backyard the red lights started blinking very rapidly. They continue to describe the craft as the sides being several hundred feet in length and roughly fifty feet in height. They noticed following the craft were dozens of helicopters and other aircraft.

Another report states that a couple in Calabasas witnessed the craft as they were having dinner on their deck overlooking the San Fernando Valley. It was a very large, silent, V shaped craft that had red flashing lights around it's perimeter and was moving from south to north.

What's really interesting is that the Calabasas witnesses stated that what they saw was similar to what was seen in a video taken the previous year along a stretch of Interstate 5. That's right, it was this video that I had made a post on earlier in the year.

Now I had stated earlier that most of the sightings on the stretch of Interstate 5 were crop dusters, but this is different. What these multiple witnesses have described is very similar to what is seen in the above video. One, that is no way a cropduster as I've never seen a crop duster look anything like that, and I grew up on a farm. Two, this was seen by multiple witnesses in San Fernando Valley, the most heavily populated area in California, if not the West Coast. Why would there be a crop duster there, and in November? Hopefully someone out there was able to record some video of this object that way it can be compared to the I-5 lights.

Here's the original story with more detailed reports of what the witnesses saw.


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Jesus Valencia Jr. said...

I saw multiple UfO's above the SFHS track

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