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Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 Fresno Blogger Olympics

I had the privilege to be part of the Fresno Blogger Olympics this weekend put on by the Fresno Beehive. Myself and nine other bloggers from the Fresno area competed in five grueling events (miniature golf, skee ball, air hockey, arcade basketball, and Wii Bowling). The top three overall winners received trophies and the rest of us received an award of recognition.

The final standings were:

1) Brodiemash of The Dumb Drum
2) Kathy of The Beehive
3) Mike Oz of The Beehive
4) Adam of Gustav's Groupie
5) Michael of Weird Fresno
5t) Mikey of The Fresnan
7) Conlan of Fresno Mag Blog/ This is Conlan
8) James of Taste Fresno/ South of Sunnyside
9) Marisa of It's Worth Recording
10) Roopam of CBS47

I have to give it to Brodiemash, he was dominant in all of the sports, even Wii Bowling which he claimed to being his weakest. I on the other hand, got my ass owned to me, especially in skee ball where I had told Marisa she was going to lose. Yeah the only thing I lost was my dignity. That's ok, I'm going to start a strignent traning regiment to get ready for next year. Of course that training involves getting everyone drunk before the games start so I can win. But hey, what ever works right?

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brodiemash said...

Next year is your year, man! Start training today!