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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fresno Famous Interview

Now normally I post about the weird shit going on in our lovely San Joaquin Valley, but yesterday I had the honor to be interviewed by Famous Whitewater over at Fresno Famous about this blog. And it went quite well I might add.

I thought about just copying and pasting the article here, but would rather link it to get FF some traffic. Great site for all things Fresno. Here's the link to the original article.

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wetware said...

Hey grats on the coverage in the paper. My mom called to tell me about it, so being buff on all things weird that i am, of course i had to stroll over here. First thing i saw was St. John's. my mother went to school there and had heard the rumors of the ghostly sister. Since I brought it back up she wants to go back.
Great site and i really appreciate you having it. Thanks again.