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Monday, December 1, 2008

Clovis Thanksgiving UFO sighting

I was inside a family member’s house when my sister came to get me, saying there was a strange light in the sky. We went back outside and noticed a strange red/orange light drifting in the sky in an upward motion traveling east to southwest. The object looked like it was on fire, and my first thought was maybe someone had their fireplace going and it was flaming debris, but the motion of the object was floating upward and there was no wind to carry anything. That and given the distance of the object to us (at arm's length it was about 1/4" diameter), the object was too large to be debris. I ruled out a flare as it wasn’t falling. It almost looked like it was something suspended from a balloon, but it was traveling to fast and it was traveling too fast to be a balloon. If it was a balloon, then it would have been visible or at least a reflection of the light would have been on the balloon.

I rushed to my car to grab my digital camera and my sister took hers out of her purse. I snapped a picture, but it was too dark so I deleted it. I then decided to change the settings on my camera in hope of maybe getting better luck. As soon as I looked back up, the object was gone. Total time of occurrence was five minutes.


Anonymous said...

Delano ca 2008 TRIP out, on thanksgiving night we were on our way out It was probably 8:00 pm I think and as I walked out of my mother In laws, I turn around waiting for my husband to come out and I seen like a fiery orange reddish ball like falling down and at first I was like what the hell, I yelled for my husband and his mom we all stared at it for like a minute I thought it was a falling star or something so we jumped in the car to follow it but it vanished It sounds like what you described.

pomade said...

I saw it to as I was leaving my dads house in selma ca I saw two what looked like fire balls traveling south east. One was higher than the other but they were moving at the same rate of speed I took off to see if I could get a better look but they seemed to have vanished. I know they weren't planes. Back in 88 I had a close in counter in kingsburg it was awesome I saw many that night. for more info

Michael said...

Pomade, turns out what I saw was a Chinese Paper Lantern. I did a follow blog post here,

Not saying what you saw was a Chinese Lantern, as you said you saw two objects and I only saw one.

pomade said...

Yes I saw it also but I saw two, one was higher than the other heading south east. I was in selma ca at the time I saw them it was like 5 or 6pm. I jumped in my suv and tried to give chase but they vanished I was like what the.
Back in 88 I had a close in counter in kingsburg just west a few miles. I saw many different ufo's that nite also there where like 3 large glowing fire balls that u could see even in daylight. A few weeks late I was on the way to the tulare fair and a radio station said people were calling in and reporting ufo sightings

pomade said...

Mich, where was it that u saw this lantern? Yeah what I saw was to big to be a lantern