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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bigfoot sigtings in Fresno County

My friend Tom (whom I'm hoping will be doing an upcoming podcast with me) showed me a website, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, that had a listing of sightings by State, and then a sub listing by County. Under Fresno County there were several sightings up at Florence Lake, which is above Hunnington. What's interesting about the sightings is they occur only in the late summer and early fall. Tom has a theory that perhaps Bigfoot is a migratory animal and that is why sighting of them are rare. They are always on the move. We've been talking about taking an expedition up to Florence at the start of summer and set up some cameras that are set off by an IR sensor (these are the type that hunters use to photograph game on trails) and come back in six weeks to see if we captured anything. When we do I'll definitely post what we find, if anything, on here.

Here's the link to BFRO's lisings for Fresno County.

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Unknown said...

I will be deer hunting soon. Me and my father did not see a big foot but we heard a loud high pitch yell, I have never heard anything like this before. I have been hunting this area most if my life and have had a few strange things happen. This season I will be armed with a camera and recorders just in case. After our season me and a buddy of mine will be going on a small expedition mostly for fun but it would be nice to get some evidence.