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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Phantom figure said to wander back roads of Madera

There is a story of a wandering phantom that is seen along the country roads outside of Madera. The location isn’t exact but most accounts have seen the spirit somewhere in between Ave 15 and Ave 18 1/2.

The first recorded sighting happened in January of 2010 when a witness and her husband were driving home to Clovis from Madera on Avenue 15. They were driving down the country road when the witness suddenly saw a man walking down the middle of the road and had to quickly swerve to avoid hitting him. The man seemed oblivious to almost being hit despite the fact that the car was going almost 60 miles per hour. The witness described the figure as Caucasian, in his early twenties, wearing a dark sweatshirt with a hood and blue jeans. After they passed him they hit a thick patch of fog and the man was nowhere to be seen. The witness notes that her husband didn’t see the man at all despite looking in the same direction as she and he was surprised by her sudden swerving of the car. Ever since that night the witness has refused to drive down that stretch of road when going home.

An incident occurred late winter of 2013, this time on Avenue 18. This witness was driving home around 3:00 am and it was somewhat foggy. They were driving down the road when out of nowhere a man wearing blue jeans and a hoodie was seen in the middle of the road. The witness swerved to avoid him and noticed that he didn’t even try to get out of the way, which she thought was odd. When this occurred they didn’t think much of it as they never saw anyone on that road before that late at night. It was only upon hearing that other people had seen the same figure in the area that they thought this wasn’t a normal person.

Another account involves two witnesses who were driving down Avenue 18 1/2 around 1:30am. As they were passing a church a young male, Caucasian and wearing blue jeans and a hoodie suddenly appeared about five feet in front of them. He was standing on the dividing line of the road and the driver missed him by inches as they swerved to avoid him. Despite being so close to him they were unable to see his face. As they drove past him, she looked back and he was no longer there.

There are more accounts like this with the same description of the man, late teens to early twenties, Caucasian and wearing blue jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. Some witnesses have also said he was wearing white tennis shoes, but this varies. Another common theme is how the man is oblivious to the oncoming car and is described usually as looking down. Also most of the incidents happened late at night and it seems all the witnesses are females.

So here’s the question. Who is he? Conjecture (which I’m great at) has me wondering if some young man was walking down one of these roads late one night and wasn’t paying attention (like he was looking down) and didn’t see the oncoming car and was hit and killed. Perhaps the person who hit him was a woman and this is why he seems to only appear to them. It’s hard to say without researching more, which I will be doing. But it does seem that some poor soul is doomed to wander the country roads outside of Madera.


Unknown said...

I believe that's going to be Avenue 18 1/2 and ROAD 15, not avenue 15. 30 years ago I lived @ roughly ave 18 1/2 and road 17. While I remember a great many foggy days and nights, I never saw anyone in the road there. Of course, "hoodies" were not a thing back then. They were just hooded sweatshirts.

Unknown said...

Is this location in the Ranchos instead?

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who was in a car accident in 1988 on ave 15... it was a hit and run but he wasn't walking at the time.. not sure what he was wearing either but the age fits

macheteenima said...

I saw this guy about 3 weeks ago. It was 10pm. I was coming home from Fresno on Ave 15. He was just standing in the middle of the road. I didn't get a very good look at him. This thing is real.


Unknown said...

I might have an update to this story not on ave 18 1/2 but behind it ave 18 3/4 near the stop sign close to the mechanic truck stop I was sitting in my car one night when someone a man whose face I couldn't make out walk pass by me I thought he was going to tell me to leave that it was private property but he just walked by like nothing now that I think of it maybe this was the ghost haunting the back roads this was back in 2017 I wanna say Sep Oct or Nov
Definitely gives me the creeps now :/

Unknown said...

About 8-10 years ago, my kids and I were leaving the Ranchos on Ave 12 heading west to the 99. It was super foggy. I was driving maybe 40 mph. All 3 kids and I all saw a man on the side of the road, practically in our lane. He was wearing what looked like a white suit. We all saw him, I swerved and he was gone when I looked in the rear view mirror. It freaked all of us out. I would have thought I'd imagined it if the kids hadn't confirmed it and given me details that I hadn't voiced out loud. My boys were about 12 and my daughter 7

Laura Bush said...

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Anonymous said...

My ex boyfriend passed away in a car accident in 2004. He wrecked his car and dies driving home in the middle of the night/early morning. He was white and always wore jeans and a hoodie and liked to wear the hoodie on his head a lot.