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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Winged creature described as a flying dinosaur seen in Fresno skies in 2007

Pterosaur skeletonThe fossilized skeleton of a pterosaur. A living specimen was said to have been seen flying over the Fresno area. Image courtesy of Flickr.

I’ve written about large winged creatures flying over the Fresno area in the past and most were described as large birds with near fifteen foot wingspans but while researching another something else I came across the story of Scott Norman, who in 2007, saw a creature flying in the Fresno area describing it as akin to looking like a flying dinosaur called a pterosaur.

Now Scott’s sighting wasn’t random. He had been informed of strange sightings in the area and during the summer of 2007 he came here to investigate for himself. He was a seasoned investigator by this point, traveling around the world investigating different cryptid claims.

His sighting occurred about 2:00 am in the morning in a local rancher’s field. He saw a large winged creature over one of the rancher’s buildings and out into the nearby field. The description of the creature was it had a wingspan of almost ten feet, was completely featherless with wings like that of a bat, and had a crest shaped object on its head roughly two feet long. The creature glided silently overhead and the entire sighting lasted no longer than 20 seconds the most. Ever the seasoned investigator, Scott was skeptical and wasn’t completely sure what he saw was indeed a pterosaur.

What interests me about this story is that this isn’t the first time a creature like this was seen in the area. Back in 1891 two creatures described as “dragons” were seen flying over the Selma area. The creatures were chased for two days but unfortunately were never captured. Could these same creatures have some relation to what Scott saw over a century later? Unfortunately this was the last time Scott was able to investigate these sightings as he passed away in February 2008. This is another reason why I wanted to share his story. He did a lot in his short time on this earth and I wanted to make sure others knew what he did.

You can find the original article that talks about Scott’s sighting in Fresno here and a brief description of the 1891 sighting here.


Anonymous said...

Im a very skeptical person, but this story reminds me of an incident two years ago somewhere between Merced and highway 152, I saw something that terrified me and I have never been able to explain. I worked graveyard shifts at at isolated poultry ranches outside preparing loads for incoming truck drivers between the hours of 6pm - 4am. One night as I was waiting for a load to arrive, a very large bird cast a shadow in the distance who's wingspan nearly covered the width of a poultry house roof in a further section of the ranch. in awe I followed it with my sight to see what it was and if it would land. Followed it with my gaze only to see its shadow fly straight at me and fly overhead. In horror I realized that it wasn't a shadow but a the actual creature, a very dark brown color like bird, this creature had wings like that of a bat but spikier, and much much larger and it's glide didn't make any sound, similar to that of an owl. The terrifying part was it's true shadow engulfed the area I was in with darkness like that of a low flying agricultural plane. It had an unusually long neck for a bird and no distinct tail but two legs in the back. The encounter was brief and it glided away as swiftly as it came. I could not work the rest of the night without getting chills and looking up making sure that thing wasn't nearby. I believe it was a Thunderbird or dinosaur but I will never know. Glad to see other people have seen it and I'm not delusional.

taruhanayamonline said...

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