Thursday, October 30, 2014

Does the ghost of a murdered girl haunt an oak tree near Sanger?

A reader shared this with me last week about a weird encounter that happened to his cousin outside of Sanger late one night. This is what he sent me:

Alright so here's a true story that happened to my cousin. He's about 14 years older than me, I'm 35. This happened to him in the early 90's. He was going to college and was working graveyard part time at one of those convenient gas stations that's open 24 hours. He lives in Parlier but he used to work that job in Sanger. This happened one night in the winter. He got off around 1 in the morning and he would take Newmark to get from Sanger to Parlier. He was driving and it was foggy so he was going slow. He was going down Newmark when he sees what looks like a young girl walking down the side of the road. My cousin is genuinely a good guy, a good Samaritan type. He pulls over and lowers the window and asks "hey did you need a ride" the girl keeps walking and doesn't even turn around. He tries one last time, and he asks again "are you okay, do you need a ride." He said he turned the light on in his car for whatever reason, but after he asked that 2nd time, she poked her head in the car and repeated verbatim what he asked her. He said she had the ugliest face ever, like someone over did it or got crazy with black make up. After she spoke she started laughing and he said that laugh sent shivers down his spine. He freaked out and sped off. He said after that he NEVER took Newmark to get home when he was getting off late. 

Creepy story to say the least and it reminds me of the stories I've heard that happened on Channel Road. Talking to the person some more they told me of a local Sanger story of a young girl that was supposedly raped and killed by an oak tree on Newmark and Central and haunts the road where she was killed. He thinks this is what his cousin saw driving on Newmark late that one night.

The oak tree in question. Just south of Newmark and Central. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Looking at a map I saw this was very close to Snake Road. I'm still researching this story, but if it's true could this be the actual origin for the Snake Road ghost? Granted they are very different stories, but is it more than just coincidence that two haunts are near each other? I've already been on record saying that I think the Snake Road story is nothing more than a retelling of La Llorona. But I've witnessed weird things on that road and know others who have as well. Could the things I and others have witnessed actually be this poor woman haunting the area and people used her story to spin a cautionary tale for Snake Road? Or is Sanger cursed with two ghosts that both share tragic, but different tales?


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Anonymous said...

Regarding the little girl ghost, this tree is just up the road from Hobb's Grove, so maybe a 1/2 mile away. Many workers at Hobb's claim to have seen a little girl spirit/ghost on the Hobb's Grove property. Sightings have occurred during all times of the year for many years. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to corroborate the story of the little girl and her death.

Anonymous said...

I live in Sanger and i have heard similar rumors. The story i heard was that a woman wanders around that exact same tree trying to hitch hike. Whenever anyone picks her up she suddenly disappears while inside the car. Supposedly she died along that road in an accident of some sort. I never really believed it but its so creepy that someone else would know about it and bring up that exact same tree lol.

raeanohh said...

My uncle told my cousins and I his story about a girl his friends picked up from the side of the road in Sanger(He made it seem like he was referencing Snake Road). They were in a 4 door car, and there were 3 people in the car including my uncle's brother/friend. This was probably in the mid 90's era I would say. They asked her if she needed a ride, and she actually said yes and got into the car and told the driver simple directions to her house. Once they got there, for whatever reason the girl did not want to get out, so the driver got off and went to go ring the bell to the door and a woman answered. The appearance is hazy in my memory but I know my uncle described her as being very pale. The driver told the woman there's a girl in the car that says she lives here and wanted to drop her off. The woman brings her husband to the door and they tell the driver they had a daughter but she died in a car accident. Once hearing that the driver goes back to the car only to find the girl not there. The passenger did not even notice the girl vanishing(this is my uncle's cousin). The back seat passenger was asleep the whole time.

Freaky if you ask for my opinion. I believe she was involved in a car crash, died, and did not pass over. Her spirit probably wanted to see her family..but in my uncle's story, his cousin drove her and now she was probably very scared to get out because her geological senses were thrown off after being placed in the car. Atleast that's what I feel is so. :b

Julian (from Fresno / Reedley) said...

WHOA!!!! Reading your story gave me chills.

My grandpa used to always tell us growing up, and my mom can say the same story as well! SO SIMILAR! Even down to the tree!

So, my grandfather used to drive into Sanger from Reedley back in the day, and would take the country roads back home to Reedley in the middle of the night. He told us of one time he was driving back from the boxing matches heading down Newark towards Manning and eventually to Reedley when he came up to a large tree, and standing next to it was a young woman dressed all in white, when he got closer to her and lowered his window, he said that she had the ugliest face that he had ever seen in his laugh, but that she started to either scream or cry, and it was the most horrendous sound, he sped off and went straight home.

I think we are talking the same ghost/tree!!