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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top five WTF moments in horror movie.

I love horror movies. Hell I've wrote about my favorite (and not so favorite). Watching American Horror Story Freak Show and freaking out at all the scenes of Stabby the Clown (I still refuse to call him Twisty) it got me into thinking of some of the biggest "what the fuck" moments I've seen in horror movies. So with Halloween in a week I thought I'd do another Top 5 horror movies, this time the biggest WTF momemnts.

Number 5: Misery - the hobbling scene
When I think of Kathy Bates and horror I think of this scene (and the nude hot tub scene she did in About Schmidt *wretch*). I remember watching this movie and getting terrified as Kathy Bates' character descended more and more into madness. Then this scene came up and as soon as that sledge hit poor Sonny Corleone's foot I was screaming in shared agony. But when she says "God I love you." I was effing done. To me movies like this will always scare the shit out of me more than gory ones.

Number 4: The Exorcist - spider crawl scene
Another of my favorite horror movies (I even sweded it) and this scene is seriously a huge WTF moment. This scene is just plain wrong. Something about seeing Regan walking backwards like that down the stairs is just plain wrong. This was cut out of the original theatrical release, but not because it terrified people so much as the legends say. It was cut because the special effects of the day weren't able to make the scene believable. The scene was reinserted later when the wires holding up the actress were digitally removed.

Number 3: Dead Alive - the lawnmower scene
Oh Peter Jackson, I love you man but after watching this movie I wonder how in the hell he was able to convince New Line to do Lord of the Rings. Don't get me wrong, I love Dead Alive, it's one of my favorite zombie movies, but going from this to LotR baffles me (yes I know he's done movies in between but still). That being said I had heard of this movie for years and the famous lawn mower scene. Let me just say Rick on Walking Dead could learn from this scene. Interesting bit of trivia here. This scene used over 300 liters of blood, a record for fake blood used in one scene.

Number 2: Scanners - head explosion
Something about this scene. I swear there are times where I wish I was Michael Ironside and I had his head exploding powers. I sometimes catch myself staring intently at someone annoying me, but the only thing that happens is I get a headache and a weird look from the person. That being said this is one of my favorite death scenes and definitely a WTF moment.

Number 1: The Shining - guy in dog costume
Oh Stanley Kubrick you bat shit insane man. I could have done an entire post dedicated to you (perhaps in the future I will) but I had to go with this scene from The Shining as when I first saw it I literally said "what the fuck?" The scene where Wendy is running wildly through The Overlook when she comes across a man in a dog costume getting real friendly with a guy in a suit. It was just so random and chaotic and made no sense. Only years later when reading the book did I find out that the man in the suit was a former owner of the hotel and the guy in the dog suit was his lover. The movie didn't go into this story, so I don't know if Kubrick had to cut the story or just threw this in just to add to the chaos of the scene. Whatever the case it's the most bat shit fucked up scene I've ever seen. Even the screen clip shot below is just fucking weird. Scenes like this are why Kubrick was the best at what he did. Mind fucking with you.

So that's it. Bit different I know. Have a favorite WTF scene of your own? Let me know. I love a good mind fuck.

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