Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chupacabra forces prom in Mendota to be canceled

Did this friendly lil guy cause the prom in Mendota to be canceled?

Photo courtesy of sapherequeen from

First off let me apologize for the lack of recent context. I've been in the process of moving and didn't have time for much else. Now that I'm settled in I can focus again on providing content for Weird Fresno. Today I thought I would do that by revisiting an early story that I had done.

According to a website called the Chupacabra Tracker, on May 10 (the year is never told) in the small farming town of Mendota a rooster is said to have died of "mysterious" circumstances. Soon after that the Fresno County Department of Agriculture started to receive reports of Chupacabra sightings in the area. This apparently alarmed the local parents so much that they had the prom canceled out of fear their children might become victims to the legendary goat sucker.

How legitimate this story is, I have no idea. When I first came across it I contacted both Mendota High School and the Fresno County Ag Commissioner (there is no county Dept. of Ag, only state) but never received a reply from either party. Still I love this story. Something had to have happened to freak out the local parents to have them go as far to cancel the local prom. I just really hope it wasn't a dog with a case of mange.


Anonymous said...

This creature looks like
a creature that has been reported along Kearney Avenue in Fresno.
Do you know anything of sightings of this Kearney creature

Michael said...

@Anon: I haven't heard of any creature sightings along Kearney. Can you elaborate on this? If something has been seen there I'd love to check it out.

Anonymous said...

going thru the site here found this I seen something on Madison & Brawlwy area give or take a block or so probably closer to Madison elem
Roughly 6 years ago I was with small group of people 6 to be exact it was late and somebody had to pee we noticed something down the street in the distance looking back at us coulda been the chupa caves u never know- it scared us shitless tho-

Anonymous said...

Iam personaly a big fan of the Chupacabra and I would say the surrounding areas of Fresno do seem prime location for the creature and similar to the terrain described in many accounts.