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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bakersfield park said to be haunted by ghost of murder victim

Covered bridge over the canal where a ghost is said to haunt
Bakersfield's Central Park.

Today I decided to share a story from the southern part of the Central Valley, from the city of Bakersfield. And if my research on this tells me anything, it's one of the more prevalent ghost stories there.

There have been tales of a lady in white wandering the grounds of Bakersfield's Central Park for as long as the park has been around. Created in 1937, Central Park is located between 21st Street and 19th Street, just east of R Street. According to local legend a woman was shot and killed in the park and her bones were found buried at an old foundry and supposedly they were riddled with bullet holes.

Witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of a woman, usually wearing a white flowing robe or gown; wander along the park's canal right before sunrise. Some think she is looking for help, hoping someone will find her murderer. Others think she is just lost and wanders the place where she was killed.

What's interesting about this story that it seems to be a mixture of the Lady in White and La Llorona stories. Now I'm not saying it's just another local urban legend (though all evidence seems to point to that being a yes), but there are questions I have about this story. For one, who was this woman and why was she murdered at this park? A jealous lover, victim of a mugging, or something else? Every telling of this story didn't have this information. As for the bones that were said to be found, I don't know how true this is. And what's to link them with the woman who is said to have been murdered in the park?

So the question is this: another local urban legend that has been passed down through the years from word of mouth (and not made popular by the internet)? Or is there some truth to this story and an innocent woman was killed at this park and wanders it to this day, either looking for help or doomed to walk it for eternity?


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Wow what story I'm just reading it cuz I'm bored

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Ive heard stories of a lady in white on madera ave and Barstow ave in madera ca. She usually appears during midnight to men driving by alone. If you see her you have to offer her a ride or she'll make you reck. When you give her a ride she gets off at the corner store of madera ave and almond ave.

She was on her way to get married but got into a car accident and died, but no one knows why she gets off at that carner store.

A few people that I know have witnessed this and claim the story is true.

One of them said that late one night coming from Kerman to madera he seen someone in the distance walking. As he got closer he seen a lady in white black hair down and right away thought about the story of the lady in white in that area so decided to pull over. Scared off his mind asked her if she needed a ride and her not saying anything got on the front seat with her face down. Scared even to look to his right kept driving till they got to the corner of madera ave and almond ave and she said ill get off here. He then turned to look where she was headed but she was gone. he then drove straight home, got into his bed without saying a word to his family till the next day.

I don't know if this is true but almost everyone I know knows this story and few have witnessed it for themselves and tell the same experience.

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Unknown said...

That's crazy . And sounds very creepy