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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Haunted whorehouse in Wyoming

Is Lusk home to one of the longest running whorehouses in Wyoming? Some say yes, some also say that its haunted.

Mary Ada Fisher followed the gold boom west from Ohio, and found herself in the town of Lusk the year was 1919. Mary changed her name to Dell Burke, set up a tent, and started taking customers. Soon she had enough money to rent a house and bring in a few girls; it seemed Dell was on her way to bigger things. It was only a year later she bought a large house, painted it yellow and took in even more girls.

Dell entertained most of the town's prominent citizens, her house offered the best steaks in Wyoming, danced to a live orchestra, played billiards and card games, and drank the finest booze around. It was not until in 1978 that the last paying customer visited the Yellow Hotel. Dell fell on the sidewalk in front of her house a year later and broke her hip. She spent the next few years in a hospital care center until she finally passed away in 1980.

The Yellow Hotel now sits vacant, a little run down the bright yellow paint fading in the hot Wyoming sun. Visitors to the house claim feeling a bit strange and overwhelmed while in the building. Some have even reported the smell of perfume floating through rooms seemingly following you around the house. Outside the house residents claim to have seen lights and hear music coming from the house long after Dells death.

My question is this. How come Fresno doesn't have a haunted whorehouse? I don't investigate anymore, but this might change my mind.

Original story can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Might not be one in Fresno, but there seems to be one in a place called Sheep Ranch. Sheep Ranch is located in Calaveras County. The Pioneer Hotel is privatly owned and is said to be over a hundred years old and the last standing real brothel from the 1800's. Has a few of the rooms that are supposed to be haunted.