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Monday, April 26, 2010

Women claims to have been impregnated by aliens

Not really sure what to make of this video. Most of it is text book alien abduction. Being taken aboard a strange craft by strange beings and having medical experiments performed. The markings on the body were strange, but there have been cases before that are similar.

But when the video shows what is supposed to be both photo and video footage of the alien craft, that's where I start to question things. The video is taken from a cell phone, and despite the narrator's claim, it is not of high quality. As for the photos, they could be easily photoshoped.

But then there's the photo of one of her proposed abductors. The thing looks like it was molded out of clay, and very badly at that. But the kicker here is the supposed fetus. It looks mighty similar to a squirrel.

I'm going with hoax here. Everything up to the fetus could have been real. But they had to cross that line into complete bullshit with that one. There was video recorded of the abortition? Why? And if this thing wasn't human, why wasn't a DNA test done on it to verify it? Just because you claim it to be an alien-human hybrid does not make it so. Thankfully the news hasn't picked up on this and given these people any more attention.

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