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Friday, October 30, 2009

Want to go ghost hunting in Fresno this Halloween? Check these places out.

As Halloween approaches, people have been asking me if I could recomend them a good haunted place to see a ghost. So I've decided to list several haunts in the valley that are reported to be haunted for anyone out there who is interested in doing a bit of ghost hunting.

Channel Road, Sanger CA - The legend behind Channel Road, or Snake Road as it is nicknamed, is that of a woman and her two daughters were driving along the winding road and took a turn too fast and crashed into the Kings River. The woman couldn't get out of the car and died there, but her two daughters escaped but drowned downstream. At nights it is said she wanders up and down the road looking for her two daughters.

Del Rey Cemetery, Sanger CA Not to far from Channel Road, is the Del Rey Cemetery. Rumors of a strange glowing headstone, whispering voices, and shadowy figures have been reportedly seen at this small cemetery.

Bardsley Road, Exeter CA- The story of a decapitated biker riding up and down this country road has been told for decades. People have reported a single headlight moving along the road, but once it gets near them it disappears.

The Bastille, Hanford CA - The orginal prison for Kings County has had it's share or prisoners over the years and not all have left. People have been touched by an unseen presence and others have reported a feeling of being watched. The Bastille is now a restaurant/nightclub and are open with their haunted history.

New Hope Cemetery, Madera CA - The first haunted spot I ever investigated, this small cemetery in western Madera County has had a strange history. Rumors of the church being burned down by Satanist who then performed bizarre rituals in the cemetery were first told to me over a decade ago. From hearing little girls laughter to seeing strange lights in the orchards surrounding the cemetery, this place is definitely strange.

Kearney Park, Fresno CA - I had just reported on the strange going ons here, so it might be worth a look.

Springville Inn, Springville, CA -In the small town of Springville, east of Porterville, is the Springville Inn. Several ghosts haunt the place. I would imagine the hotel is doing something for Halloween given their openness to their haunted history.

So these are a few places one can go to look for ghosts. If you do though, make sure you do not go alone and let someone know where you are going. Make sure to take a flashlight with you and a camera or camcorder in case you see anything. And for the love of God, do not trespass. I mentioned a few cemeteries and a public park, these places do have hours of operations and you will be charged for trespassing if you go there afterward. Don't give actual paranormal investigators a bad name just because you are looking for a cheap thrill. Have fun this Halloween, but be smart about it at the same time.

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