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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Strange craft caught on film flying over Kearney Boulevard

Over the weekend I received a voice mail from someone saying they were taking some pictures out by Kearney Boulevard a few months ago and they had forgotten about the film until last week. When they got the pictures developed, they noticed something strange in the last couple of shots. I then got an e-mail from them with some scans, one of the original photo with the object in it, the other an enlargement.

At first I was almost tempted to dismiss these as some sort of bug or other flying creature. The person had told me they had not seen anything at the time they were taking the photos, and in my opinion how could you not see this? Though they also told me they were taking these photos to finish off a roll of film, so there is the chance that they weren't really paying attention to what's in the sky but just hitting the shutter until the film had stopped advancing. But I was showing these to some friends on Sunday and one of them actually recognized the object.

They used to work out near Kearney and had seen the object in the air several times. They described it as large craft, longer than the length of a football field and made hardly any sound. The small orangish lights on the object appear to be engines, according to my friend. Though we were unable to determine what is causing the pinkish glare, though I imagine it's from the sun as it was near sunset when the picture was taken. The photographer thinks it was a glare from a porthole or something, though I'm not sure how that is possible. I've sent it to a few photograph experts I know in hopes of getting an opinion. I'm also sending these to the local MUFON investigator here in hopes that he can find out what this is. As always, anything I find out I will post here.


Anonymous said...

kewl. As a child living in NW Fresno, I used to see similar objects in the sky. I wonder if they were really UFO'S. I wonder if the picture above is a ufo?

Plaguepuppy said...

Funny but it looks like lines connecting the craft to the pink glow in the enlarged picture, almost like the "glow" was some kind of balloon with the craft hanging under it.

Michael said...

Not sure what lines you are talking about, though on the enlargement there are some scratches or some other artifact from the scanning process. I don't think it's a balloon, but it does take away the possibility of this being a UFO from the photo.

I wonder if it's some sort of glare or something from the sun?

Anonymous said...

all of the pink, purple and white areas are very common in prints of film that had been exposed to light prior to developing... especially since, by the looks of it, it was probably the last image at the end of the roll. i have no info on the ufo itself though. could be real. who knows..