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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ghost caught on surveillance tape in Chile.

A small, phantom like creature was recently caught on CCTV (closed circuit television) in a shopping mall in Chile. At the five second mark you can see a small, semi-transparent black entity enter the screen from the bottom center. It wanders towards the right before going up towards the top left before disappearing off screen.

Who knows what this is. I've seen other surveillance tapes where a strange object moves across the camera's view, but upon closer inspection it was just something on the lens of the camera. Whatever this is, it seems to be moving across the floor. Whatever it is, it's pretty damn weird.

Thanks to Heather over at the Fresno Beehive for sending me this video.


Conlan said...

Looks like something on the lens to me.

Famous said...

I want to say it seems like it could be a shadow or something. I tried to see if it synced up to any of the other people moving around in the video. Dunno. Cool stuff though.

hmac said...

Did you see this, Michael?

Michael said...

That's weird. I remember seeing a pic taken back in the 50's of a craft and then left a ring similar to what was on the video.

But honestly I think this one was just smoke. You could clearly see the clouds in the middle of it. But good find hmac, I may have to hire you to find vids for me, you get better ones than I do.

JohnJayJay said...

Um, the skeptic in me says hoax...just looks kinda fake. Hows that for scientific analysis?