Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interstate 5 Mystery Lights

For several years now mysterious lights have been seen in the night sky along the Interstate 5 corridor from Kettleman City to Los Banos. Witnesses have reported seeing a triangle shaped craft with a light at each point hover over the highway. The craft would fly over an overpass (it has been seen over Manning Ave) making a 90 degree bank as it would then make a steep dive as it crossed over the highway flying roughly 15’ to 20’ above traffic before making another 90 degree bank turn then descend to nearly 2’ above the ground, looking like it was about to land before ascending at nearly a 45 degree angle to start the pattern of flight all over again. Witness report that it would make the same looping pattern until they lost sight of it. They would try to get away from it as quickly as possible, afraid that the craft would crash into them when it buzzed them flying over the highway.

No red, green, or strobe light that is standard on a conventional craft has been seen. Just three bright lights are the only source of illumination from the craft. There are reports of the craft being a thin wedge shape, but this can’t be confirmed. No sound has been heard as well.

What these lights are is not certain. Sightings from as early as 2002 to as recent as August 2005 have been reported. Some speculate it is nothing more then a crop duster which would make sense since the stretch of highway cuts through agricultural land, but one has to wonder about its erratic flight patterns. One would think that the FAA would find out who this rouge pilot is before someone was hurt. But three years later and it is still spooking drivers who happen to drive along the Interstate 5 corridor between the small farm towns of Coalinga and Kettleman City.

This had been a post I had done on a blog years ago. Reason why I am reposting here is that I came across a video on YouTube that was a short clip of the same three lights described above on Interstate 5. Can't be certain, but this looks like the same craft. Judge for yourself.

I'm thinking of making an expedition to Kettleman City this summer and bring some still and video cameras and see if some evidence can be captured. If anyone else is interested let me know. You don't have to believe in UFO's, my goal is to see what is going on and to try to explain it.


Karl said...

That looks an awful lot like crop dusters that I've seen out on the west side. They do fly at night (when the wind is light and the chemicals they spray can descend onto the crops), they have a row of bright white "headlights" mounted on the front of the wings - so they can see the ground when they are flying low, and they do crazy flying maneuvers - which look even weirder at night.

When they do tight turns (as crop dusters frequently do), what looks like a row of horizontal white lights quickly becomes a row of vertical white lights. It looks like something a normal plane doesn't do, but because it's at night and you are not seeing the plane - only its lights - so it looks very odd. On top of that, the plane is extremely low, and a casual observer isn't expecting to see that.

At the end of a run across a field, the plane will suddenly rise up and do a very tight turn. Also, I thought I did see a blinking strobe light among these lights on this video.

So anyway, my vote is that this is a crop duster plane - much as I would like to think that it's something else.

Love the new site, by the way. And a friend and I did see a UFO back in the 1970's fly over our old neighborhood in northwest Fresno, but have nothing to prove it. This was an honest-to-goodness dark triangle with dim gray – yes, "gray" (and it wasn’t foggy that night) lights.

Sometime I'll try to get you some information about the Marinette Avenue motorcycle ghost which is supposed to exist north of Exeter.

Michael said...

Honestly you're probably right. But still I'm not quite sure. How come there are no green or red marker lights seen on the craft? Plus the actual YouTube page says it was filmed on Oct. 03, 2008. That's kind of late for crop dusting isn't it? My family owns vineyards and that's harvest time for most crops, if not after.

And it's been a while since I've drove on the I-5, but I don't remember any crops out there. Was just grasses, probably for cattle grazing.

But this video could well be nothing more than a crop duster spraying a crop any time of year the poster lied about the time/location knowing the history of the road.

Have you seen the other post I did? Completely different lights than these. Like I said though, you are probably right about it being a duster.

Still thanks for the kind words. Would love to hear more about the UFO and the ghost.

Laura said...

Hi there...

I've actually seen this craft twice and experienced the "craziness" of it. The first time, about 2 years ago, it was flying ridiculously low and plunging down toward oncoming traffic. It also stopped right above us, low enough to be below the powerlines. We were, too, convinced that it was a crop-duster until we saw from below that it was in the shape of a triangle. It also moved much to acrobatically to be a plane. It was able to nearly stop, flip completely over, then continue flying.

We went to Stockton this weekend and were lucky enough to see it again. This time, we saw three. One was out in the field, flipping around, but unfortunately we didn't get to catch it by the freeway. We, again, questioned whether it was a plane or not, but then it began to move again in strange patterns. I have a very brief video of it here... It's definitely worth the drive to go check it out. We concluded that it might be some "top-secret" government aircraft. ;)

Here's the very brief video we got of it. Unfortunately, the air-craft is just cruising along in the clip we got. I actually didn't know I had gotten it at all because it was so dark.

charles said...

I am an interstate trucker along the I5 freeway and on 5-29-10 I saw these lights. I have watched crop dusters at night and day up and down I5 for over twenty years. I have never seen anything like these lights. I tried to convince myself that they were crop dusting but most of its flight was uncharacteristic of dusting. Almost immediately it drew my entire attention as something unusual. It turned its lights off and on, flying dark a while then turning them on. It went dark at times an airplane would need visibility and vice versa. What struck me was it seemed to be drawing attention to itself by both flying low and over the freeway but also by flashing its lights. I saw it twice for quite long durations the second time about five miles south of the first sighting. The first sighting was over a crop field and the second over an orchard. Also, at exactly the moment the sky paled with impending dawn, when I could just make out a slight silouette it turned out its lights and flew off south or southeast suddenly. because of the darkness it seemed to vanish but I think it actually inverted on its last manuver. What i can say is it is flying. It is obeying the physics of aviation and was not floating or elevating straight up or making impossible movements. My impression is that it could be a remote controlled drone of some sort. I have never seen anything unusual before and I am happy there are others who have also had this experience.

Andrew said...

I was drivng in this area about 2 years ago, south on I-5. My wife was driving, and i was awakened by a slap in the arm, and her screaming about something flying across the road directly in front of the car. I watched it bank around to the east, and fly above the car behind me about 150 yards back. It flew over the car and then decended to the level of the highway in front of the vehicle so that I could no longer see the car that was following me. It then pulled up and turned sharply and rolled 3 to 4 times. This was not a crop duster, and I was very pleased to get away from it. I observed one last long banking turn before I lost sight of it due to the terrain. Could not make out the shape of the vehicle, just three horizontal white lights only. No flashing.

Pohl De Kneeyehvugh said...

About 2 years ago I was driving by with my dad coming back from LA to San Jose. I tried waking up my dad telling hiM i see a UFO. From what I saw it had about 6 triangular panels or windows and a few bright lights. And it appeared to high beam the ground when it got near. Did dramatic random turns in the air close to the exit of Manning and about 50 feet above traffic. Traffic slowed down to 20 mph. I was very scared. Then after It kept doing the same randon flight pattern of soaring and highbeaming the ground we passed it and all the other cars sped up too.

My friend recently was coming back from Las Vegas and told me he saw the same thing.


OG said...

Just saw the same thing last night on interstate 5 coming back from a trip to LA. Wife thought it was an airplane. Thought it was going to crash into us. It came down in a dive low into traffic going south bound. Suprised it did not hit any cars. Flew past the interstate and started to climb and did a quick banking turn. Headed north bound and thought it was chasing us. Had us scared. Was searching the news for anything about it today.

Timmer said...

A few years ago I saw three crafts while heading north on I5 fwy near Panoche rd. Around mid night the first craft hovered over us and turned slowly over the field to the left. The next one hover directly over us, I was in the front passenger seat and looked up through the front windshield. I got a good look at the bottom It was the size of a house, no landing gear, no sound, and made of smooth rectangular plates like a large boat but flat. It was no crop duster. The first one that passed over circled behind us and tailed us for a good while. When we sped up it turned off its three huge lights and when I looked back I could see the amber glowing from the lights still right behind us. It then slowly rose up and turned around. It was super creepy.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine and I also saw these UFOs. We were on I5, heading north, just south of the Panoche Road exit. It was around 11pm-midnight in late April 2010.

Two aircrafts appeared on the right hand side of the road, each had three white lights (no colors or pulsing). They caught our eye because the lights were very bright (like spotlights) and they were flying very low, maybe 100 feet off the ground. Both crafts darted back and forth along the right (east) side of the freeway, and then back and forth across the freeway in front of us. We realized they were not likely airplanes based on the improbably nimble movements they were making - darting and stopping on a dime, hovering, and most disturbingly rotating in place. The final maneuver we saw them make was very shocking: after they had darted back and forth across the freeway a few times, they came to a complete stop, hovered for about 1-2 seconds, and then began slowly gliding back over the freeway to the east. As they glided east, the three lights were in a straight horizontal line. Then, while continuing a perfectly straight glide east, the lights rotated over themselves as though the craft were rotating end-over-end (or tail-over-nose if it were a plane), all the while maintaining a perfectly smooth and uninterrupted line to the east. To help you visualize this, picture the three lights in a line (horizontal), the middle light stayed put while the forward and aft lights rotated about it - all the while maintaining a perfectly smooth line of travel from left to right.

As they did this, they were probably 50 feet apart from one another, and maybe 3 times the height of an overpass we were approaching.

The last glimpse we got were the crafts gliding and flipping off into the east. The whole episode lasted about 20-30 seconds. We got off on Panoche Road and tried to drive east to follow them, but they were gone.

My buddy believes they had to be some type of gov't high-tech craft. I'm unsure of this simply because I would think it unlikely for the gov't to show off these craft 100' above the 5 Freeway. Traffic around and in front of us slowed way down, indicating that lots of people saw this. No way they were crop dusters, but if that helps you sleep at night, go with it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot state my name or rank but I am a pilot with the u.s. air force. I fly the infamouse f-22 raptor. If you don't know what it is the look it up its the most agile,nimble,unbelievable plane you will ever see. Ill offer some insight on these matters. The story's near the top of the page I can say just by the details and light setup its probably a single engine prop plane used for dusting the light bar gives that away. And yes dusters crop dust fields to keep down the bugs they spray pesticides. I have flown over 75 missions in combat. Ihave to be super brief and not give much detail I could face a court Marshall. All I will say is 90% of the time its a duster other 10% probably some test aircraft we most definitly have them and use them on a regular basis about all I can say about that. I will say as well I have been cruising patrolling the skies at 45000 feet and have seen some really weird stuff that not only I.have seen but.other pilots and our headcams were confiscated immediately on our return to our fob. And you notice I said fob (forward operations base) I saw these supposidly "other aircraft's " in another country. Hope this helps. Happy hunting...

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I'm 32 years old. I'm not sure what year it was or how old I was but many years ago when I was in my mid 20's, my friend Dave and I went on a trip to Reno. We were traveling along the Interstate 5 when we saw a black triangle with white lights over the Mojave freeway slightly to the west of the road just before Ponche Rd. It was not a crop duster I can assure you. It was doing crazy maneuvers that no know aircraft can do. The only way I can describe it is to compare it to a moth attacking a light bulb. But it was doing this with the ground and the sky. It jumped around great distances in seconds. A crop dusters flight path would not spastically jump from one point to the next and at that speed. Also we could clearly see the triangle shape. What crop duster looks like a stealth bomber? I not saying it was alien. But it's definitely a craft not openly know by the US citizens.

Kathy de Ramos said...

This JUST happened to us! Well, more like an hour or so ago! The descriptions closely fit what I just experienced with my boyfriend and friend. Although, I definitely saw a plane and I definitely heard it as it dangerously flew about 15 - 20 feet above our SUV. We got so shocked that my boyfriend (the driver) had to hit the brake because we seriously thought it was going to hit us. IT WAS COMING RIGHT AT US. The three lights and everything. Not a triangular shape. It was a plane, no doubt.

I'm still so freaked out by it all. I couldn't believe it. The plane kept doing it. I thought it was going to crash after it passed us, but it just flew right back up and continued doing the same thing. We were starting to think the pilot was suicidal or something.

This happened on the I-5 about 40 miles before the 198 entrance.