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Sunday, December 11, 2011

UFO seen over Fig Garden

Been wanting to focus more on UFO sightings in the Fresno area lately so when I saw this report on the MUFON site I knew I had to share it. Given the size and location of the object in question, I'm surprised more people haven't reported seeing it. Just to be certain I did cross reference with the National UFO but there was no listing of sightings in Fresno for December yet. I'll continue to check back and if there is anything that resembles this sighting I'll post that as well.

MUFON report: White cigar shape hovering high above NE Fresno.

On Thursday, December 01, 2011 at approximately 1350 hours, I was driving near the intersection of N. Figarden Loop near the European Grove in Northwest Fresno. In my periphery, I noticed a white sliver in the sky. I thought it was an airplane. I looked again but didn't see it. There were trees all around so I assumed it was an airplane flying beyond the trees. I WAS WRONG. I stared into the sky and saw nothing. My lady didn't see anything either. Then, it presented itself in the open sky. I was glad my lady witnessed it too because it's hard to articulate.

It made no sound and seemed to hover above the city at an elevation slightly higher than airplanes. Based on what I saw, I estimate it to be about the size of about two football fields. It first appeared as a white cigar shape then it disappeared. About ten seconds later, it appeared again in the same location, but illuminated. I pulled out my smartphone to film it but before I could, it disappeared and was never seen again. I am also curious if anyone else saw this thing.


Dale Stewart said...
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Dale Stewart said...

Maybe it was one of those "drones".

Ron VanDyke said...

Being so close to an airbase, these topics are frustrating.

Anonymous said...

That area is near Sierra Sky park and I also drive in that area all the time and haven't seen anything odd. Some time ago, when Boeing I think was testing a new monster airplane, they flew around in that area. I nearly crashed when I first saw that plane.

There could be a thousand and one explanations for what the dude saw.

And remember, Fig Garden and Figarden Loop are two different places.

Anonymous said...

I live in the fig garden area by the Fig Garden Swim & Racquet Club . I do a lot of late night and early morning walks .about 6months ago, it was about 3.33 am and i couldn't sleep so i went for my 3 mile walk i do every other day. By the club, theira re many older trees , some rather tall . I was walking and their was no activity , no cars, no people , not even a dog barking which is unusual in this area.I just started looking at the sky to find the big dipper. I noticed a hugh dark black object , triangular , maybe about a 100 foot wing span.It was maybe about 100 to 200 feet high and i couldn't see the stars which is how i focused in on it and spotted was completely quiet . I did notice a very small red light at one of the triangle points .When i compared it to the were the stars should be, I realised that this craft is hugh and probably a lot bigger than im describeing here .I never seen anything like that .I observed this for about 2 minutes and didn't get a positive vibe from this so i continued on my walk . I went back several nights later, same area, same exact spot were i was standing and looking and i could clearly see the stars .The black object was no longer their . If you didn't look at it the way i was in the sky that night , you would never have known it was their .You could be standing directly underneath and never know it.I'm highly suspecting that it is a united states aircraft that has stealth capabilities to blend in the sky at night .It is difficult to spot and notice, quiet and hugh in size . That little red light was my clue . Were 50 years behind seeing the the true technology that is available today .What will be released by the time were really old and near death probably,lol, won't surprise me about craft like this out there today .