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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guest blogging in New Orleans.

March 2011 133+
A New Orleans street at night. Photo courtesy of Kimburly.

I've been doing Weird Fresno for a little over two years now and I've written more stories than I can count. But an idea I had toyed with off and on was to have other people write the occasional article, to get a different view point on any paranormal subject they wished to discuss. People had expressed interest in writing something, but didn't really have any subject they particularly wanted to write on so I let the idea fall to the back burner.

So when I ran across fellow blogger, roller derby chick, and all around kick ass person Kimbuly at a local watering hole (the Brig, where else?) and she told me she was going to New Orleans for a work related conference I knew I had to get her as my first guest blogger. You see I believe New Orleans (or NOLA as some refer to it as) is one of the most haunted cities in America. Founded in 1718 by the French, it's a city unlike no other and has more ghost stories than any other city. I had the opportunity to visit The Big Easy back when I was 18, but I was more concerned with the alcohol related spirits (and other sights) on Bourbon Street than actual ghosts. I somewhat lament that I let my teenage hormones get the best of me in one of the most richly diverse cities in the country and have wanted to go back for years. As that's not going to happen anytime soon I couldn't pass up on Kim doing a bit of guest blogging for me.

After some persuading (i.e. getting on my hands and knees and begging) she agreed to it. Now I could have just copied what she wrote, but I decided not to. Her approach was unique as she'd never been there before and didn't just blog about anything paranormal related, but the vibe of the city itself. It's an old city, but in a good way. The people there embrace their history and it's a part of them. Fresno could learn a thing or two and embrace who it is and not trying to copy other cities.

You can find Kim's blog post on New Orleans here. She's also the creator of 31 Days of Fresno where for an entire month she blogged about fun things to do in Fresno. The blog is still active with an occasional post. But her Lava blog is where she is most active.

I'm hoping this isn't the only guest blogger I have on here. If anyone is interested in doing an article (especially if you are traveling somewhere) shoot me an e-mail and we can work something out.

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Unknown said...

Two great things together, good guest blogging and New Orleans, a great Creole City. If you go to New Orleans, make sure you get some benet (pronounced benyeah)