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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Sandlady of Pinedale

There is a story told in the north Fresno neighborhood of Pinedale that there is a mischevious spirit wandering the streets at night. She is in the guise of an old Hispanic woman carrying with her a small tote bag. If someone approaches her she will throw sand in their eyes, blinding them. When the person clears the sand from their eyes and regaining their vision, the woman is no where to be seen.

I had some friends who lived in Pinedale for a few years, but they had never heard of this story. I wonder if this is another Hispanic folk story? Something like the lady in white, who wanders river roads mourning her drowned children and drowning anyone who dare approaches them? Or could this just be a cranky woman who enjoys a late night walk and if anyone bothers her, she tosses sand in their eyes (I'm assuming pepperspray wasn't available)?

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