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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UFO buzzed Tracy, California on March 26th 2010

At approx 8:00AM on the Friday of March 26th a strange object was captured on camera in the Tracy area of California as it headed towards an area known to be the Lawrence livermore Labs testing site or "site 300" as our friends refer to it as. The image was captured using a Canon Power shot SX10IS on a manual setting where the shutter speed can be adjusted on the fly. The camera was also set on rapid fire for multiple exposures.

We took these images ourselves while in route to the south bay area. As a former employee of the wind turbine company originally known as US Wind Power, this author has spent many hours looking out into the secret void in the Altamont hills known by all wind smiths as "Site 300". No matter when you gaze out into this classified area someone dressed in black was looking back through their binoculars. If you touched the perimeter fence in any way, even in areas of discretion, black vehicles would soon arrive on our location. OOPS. The images were the result of a spontaneous feeling to pull over and start taking pictures with "Site 300" in the background. We have heard by many investigative enthusiasts that many people experience a euphoric feeling just prior to and during a UFO event while in close proximity. We had that experience which encouraged those actions to whip out that camera and shoot like crazy. After the smoke cleared and a few hundred additional imaged had been recorded on our media we moved on down the road. It was not until after uploading the images that we noticed the strange flying object headed towards the place were we had once been employed ......while keeping a lid on our curiosity regarding our neighboring occupants. Perhaps this object was attracted to the mega watts produced by those wind turbines. Maybe this is a probe on its way home,..... back to the Lab. What ever it was we can assure you that we can do it again. If we all choose a day designated as "UFO capture day", where we all stop what we are doing at the very same time to take a few hundred pictures for 15 minutes the results would blow your mind. Can you imagine? A world wide event that would have profound validation, credibility and excitement. If Just 15 minutes could do that what do you think the rest of the day and night look like?

Link to the original story can be found here.

The pictures above can also be found with the original story. To be honest the object circled is too far away and too blurry to be anything conclusive. Still I'm interested in this reported Site 300. I think a day trip may be in order. Interested?

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Anonymous said...

check this out. I recorded this from livermore California.