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Monday, February 23, 2009

More Strange Lights on Interstate 5

I had recently posted a video showing strange lights being seen on the I-5 corridor between Coalinga and Kettleman City. Some new video has come to my attention, this time it was shot about 60 miles north of Bakersfield and once again seen on Interstate 5.

The object that was shot is different than what I previously posted. Instead of three bright white lights, there are several red strobe-like lights that blink in no discernible pattern.

The video below is quite long, you may want to fast forward to 0:46 to see the object. But throughout the video you can hear the concern and fear in the witnesses voices. Note they swear A LOT so be sure you are somewhere where this won't be a problem.

Unfortunately the poster of the video doesn't allow embedding of the video so I did a screen cap and linked the video to the image.

The video is definitely different than the other one. I actually found a site that had interviewed the witnesses in 2007. You can find the discussion here and a link to the report here for those who interested.

One of the posters theorized that the lights were from F-18's since Lemoore Naval Air Station is near by. I have to disagree with this. A friend of mine used to live under the flight path for the Fresno Air National Guard and I would see them fly over at night. Now granted they fly F-16's, but all military jets (as well as civil) have a red and green marker light. The object(s) in the video had no marker lights, just the blinking red strobe lights. I doubt this was some sort of black project. If the government was testing a new type of aircraft, why have blinking red lights advertising its location? I’m almost wondering if this was just a hoax, that someone had heard about the other sightings and decided to create their own sighing. Several ultra lights could have flown in formation with a strobe attached. But the witnesses claimed not to hear any engine sound, though the highway traffic may have drowned out such noise.

But it seems like a lot of work by the hoaxers in hopes of someone just happening to video tape it. And I don’t think they witnesses were part of the hoax, they seemed generally frightened. Could this craft be extraterrestrial in origin? And if so, what is, if any, it’s relationship to the lights in the other video? And why so many sightings in low populated area? I’m working on organizing a trip to this area in the summer time. Maybe if we’re lucky some answers can be found.

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Anonymous said...

I just seen these lights last night on I5 near kettleman city. I was going south towards Bakersfield. I seen two lights spaced apart flying and making really tight turns then it was gone. I kept looking for it and seen it high above the west side of the road. It was triangle shaped with orange flashing lights on the underside.Then it swooped down almost right beside us and then flashed two middle lights so it now had 4 white lights in a row. Then just disappeared into thin air. And there was no noise. I dont think this was a jet. Not sure what it was but it was creepy