Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dinuba High School rumored to be haunted

In the small town of Dinuba, the local high school is rumored to be host to several hauntings.

Several teachers have reported hearing doors closing on their own late at night, of lights turning on and off by themselves, and a feeling of being watched while walking down the halls. It's said that sometime in the 1970's a janitor was accidentally electrocuted and died from his injuries. Some think that these odd occurrences are the janitor trying to make his presence known.

Another story is that the English Building is haunted by the ghost of a woman who died there years ago. No one knows who she really is, but strange noises in empty classrooms are attested to her. Others have claimed to have heard her either walking down the hall or in one of the restrooms.

And finally there is the legend that surrounds the school's football field. The story goes that years ago a young girl decided to break up with her boyfriend. They met near the bleachers on the football field and in a fit of rage the boyfriend strangled his girlfriend to death. He decided to hide her boy in the back as there was an area that was covered in black plastic that was used to store equipment. Unfortunately the girl's body wasn't found for more than a week as it was hidden with all the equipment. It's said that late at night you can see the girl running across the football field, assuming that she is still trying to escape her boyfriend.

Whether any of these stories are true or not is hard to say. But Dinuba High School, like other high schools in the Central Valley, has its own stories that are passed down from class to class and student to student. These stories add to the history of the school and to the local community.


Karl said...

I know a teacher there who feels the building is haunted - especially the theater.

bill said...

i was there when the girls body was found . we often would hide under the bleachers to smoke . had to be about 1975 .

Anonymous said...

Lived in Dinuba fro, 1972 to 1984. Went to Dinuba High School. The only story I ever heard was about selling elevator tickets to incoming freshmen. Never heard anything about the place being haunted. We were there at night during rehearsals for our play and concerts. And yes, we would sneak away and roam the halls. Never heard nor saw anything. Interesting ........