Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Werewolf reportedly sighted in Southen California

I recently came across an account of a werewolf sighting down in Newport Beach. Normally I would dismiss the claim as either a hoax or mis-identification, but something struck me about this one. It was just the image the person reported seeing. It intrigued me enough I felt I had to share it.

My sighting took place around 11:30 p.m. on November 4, 2009. I work for the local 73 toll road in Newport Beach, California, and lately we’ve had some construction on the surrounding roads for the past few months. I am a third-shift manager (2 p.m.-11 p.m.), and every night driving home I take the exact same route at pretty much the same time every night.

On this night, I was coming off the exit for the 133 road connector, and I’ll never forget what I saw. While stopped at the stop light, I saw a group of three large, four-legged creatures dash out from the trees along the road. I started second guessing myself and tried to convince myself I was seeing things. I made the left turn at the light, and while the speed limit was still 40 mph at this part, I looked up and almost peed my pants. Those three beasts were running upright! The wolves, which seems to be the most logical guess, were about 6.5 feet tall and looked like they easily weighed 250-275 pounds each. They had snouts and mouths that almost could be expressive (being able to smile/frown) and the fur was dark, although there wasn’t enough light to tell if it was dark brown or black.

My car being a 6-cylinder, it could get going if need be. I was going 45 mph and the giant wolves were keeping up with ease. I then literally put the pedal to the metal and sped up to 70. I was sweating profusely and having a panic attack. As I sped up to 70, the wolves stopped following me, considering I was about to enter a high-traffic part of the road. The wolf in front seemed to stop on a dime and watch me drive off.

I did not hear any howls before or after the sighting. I proceeded to head home ASAP. I told my girlfriend what I saw and she deemed my “imagination was running wild.” I also told my coworkers the next day following the sighting, but nobody believes me to this day. I know I’m not crazy and I know what I saw. I still have been taking the same route home every night and have not run into anything since that night of the sighting. Who knows what they actually were, but all I know is I do not want to run into them again.

This story reminds me of the story of the Watts Valley Wolf Ape, that I had posted when I first started this blog. Yes the description is a bit different, though I wonder if what was seen in Watts Valley was a sick "version" of what was recently seen in the Newport Beach area. Whatever the case may be, one has to wonder what's wandering around late at night.

Link to the original story can be found here.


WolfBoy said...

The things this guy describes perfectly match the description of the thing my friends and I have been seeing in my area for the past couple of years. My blog, The Beast of Kellogg Creek, explains the story so far.

Giovanni said...

A few good, trustworthy friends of mine have been saying they've seen something like this down in the Orange County area of California. If this thing exists and can run at such a speed, it makes it difficult to doubt how far it can go and how fast. There is vast amounts of wilderness spread out throughout it, and late at night, the majority of people wouldn't be awake. Also the credibility of a sighting is decreased, and of course the vision aspect of it.

Devin said...

I can easily believe the story. But if it were me, i wold have just ran them over. but the only thing is, well, it cold have been a dream, but he was at work, so he was probably awake. Plus, it was night. So, it wold be hard to believe he was dreaming. Also, they were running 45mph, and a human can't go that fast, so it couldn't have been some people in some cloth's. I was looking for werewolf sightings, and i found one.

Stealthy said...

I saw a big thing similar to what is described.

It was like a 4 to 5 ft cow sized dog. With a huge head.

It was a full moon and when I looked for the moon the next day it was gone.

It was walking across the road between 1 to 3 am while I was on the phone.

It set off a porch light and I immediately saw a giant wolf like thing. Its hair was a silver resilient white color shimmering in the light.

The legs of this thing were huge and slanked as it walked towards me.

I immediately ran to my car and tried to drive to the road to see it.

By that time it was gone and that was about it.

I might be crazy but I did do a test.

A few nights later I walked to where I was standing.

I walked around that area to see if the porch light would turn on.

Nothing happened so I crossed the street and walked to where I was standing at the time from its direction across the road.

The place where the light turned on was the same place I saw it when the light activated.

This being said. I might be crazy or I might have seen some crazy stuff.

All I have to say is that if you are out in the woods late at night. Be close to your vehicle or have a good gun like a magnum or shot gun.

It might be a bear, cougar, wolf or werewolf. Either way you should be safe because animals in general can become dangerous.

Do not shoot unless you are in danger. But just be careful.

Dragonflyhob said...

I believe him.
Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye, hear an odd noise or felt hairs on the back of your neck rise.
In our cities there are many faces that are not always so human.
Good thing he was in a vehicle.

Anonymous said...

i ran into a werewolf not once but three times in the farmland area of livingston california around late october early november was at least 6-7 feet easily 250-400 pounds we looked each other in the eyes and i remember them having a yellow glow from the moon and i aint scarred of anything but this thing made me think twice about shooting it with my 38 specail revolver. next year about same time saw it agian in the field about 75 feet away but it never tried to attack the dogs or me. third year i was at the merced river by the town of cressy this time my friend, her boyfriend, and me were chased from the river at night and there were a good 5 or more from the noise we heard. i moved from california to las vegas so i will not have to ever endure that agian hopefully cause it seems like they like wooded area's with lots of animals have not heard of any anywere near a dessert so far. good luck to u and dont shoot them cause i shoot animals all the time and u will need a pretty big gun to stop one of them

tjl said...

i totally belive you guys so don't joke about stuff like that and i really wish i saw one but the funny thig is that sometimes at night i do feel like something is out there you know

M.M.H said...

With so many sighting going back thru the ages and in our actual history books of tales of mysterious creatures being reported, humans still doubt the fact that they are real. Now with this sightings listed above not one human was attacked, more like scared off. Kinda wonder if their alpha had them in check, (no killing humans and stay hidden). Me personally I hope they stay hidden for as long as they can because it's human nature to destroy what is unknown.

Samuel said...

I all so saw one 3 years ago I was camping with some friends. Late that night I got to use the restroom,so I told one of my friends I'm going to the restroom. Then when I was left the restroom I heard havey breathing behind me so I turn around to see what it was I saw two red glowing eyes looking at me I took a step back and it step forward to me frozen were I was at I look down so I won't make eyes contact at all. It growl at me turn around left.