Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Strange creature chases witness in Orange Cove, CA

A witness reports that while leaving a friend’s house in Orange Cove late one evening, they saw something strange. They left their friend’s house around 2:00 am and headed south on 10th street towards Sheridan school. They were about four houses away from their friend’s when the witness saw some movement in a driveway. They were ready to disregard it until they saw a figure in the porch light instantly leap onto the roof of the house from the ground. Startled the person slowed down to try to see what was going on and could make out some movement on top of the house. Not much could be seen of the figure, though its size was estimated to be larger than a cat.

Running late, the witness continued to drive down 10th street. As they looked into their rear view mirror, they saw the figure jump back off the house. Scared they locked their doors and began to drive faster. Looking back into the rear view mirror again the person to see that the figure was now chasing the vehicle. They could only catch a glimpse of whatever it was, but it was enough to make them drive faster to escape it. From what they could see, it was about four feet high and had long spindly legs. Whatever it was, it wasn’t human. The witness even further describes it as somewhat of a toad like creature as they said it looked like a toad would look if on its hind legs.

Terrified now, the witness reached Sheridan school now, which is at the end of 10th street and turned west onto J street. They stopped at the intersection of 9th and J street to see if the creature was still following them. At first they didn’t see anything, but after a few seconds the creature came back into the person’s field of view. It continued south across the street towards the school, avoiding the street lights so it wouldn’t be seen. It jumped the chain link fence with no problem. A bit curious now (and with the car doors locked) the witness turned south onto 9th street and drove alongside the west gate of the school and tried to stay focused on the creature. They were able to follow the creature as it ran across the school field, but as they reached the end of the block and turned west onto South street they lost sight of the figure and were unable to find it again. A bit terrified they went home as fast as they could.

From what the witness describes, it wasn’t running extremely fast, maybe comparable to an average athletic person. But it’s ability to jump great heights definitely exceeded that of a human being. The witness mentioned the sighting to his friend the next day. The friend had never seen anything like that nor heard of any sightings. But they had heard someone or something constantly running up and down the street late at night.

The original witness's story can be found here.


Brittany Stapleton said...

Umm, oh HELL no!
I've seen Signs one too many times...that's creepy.

Anonymous said...

Crazy!!! Sounds like something from a movie....