Thursday, July 16, 2009

Did an innocent girl share a dance with the Devil at the Rainbow Ballroom?

The Rainbow Ballroom on Broadway in downtown Fresno.

There's a story that several decades ago there was a dance held at the Rainbow Ballroom, in downtown Fresno. The place was filled with many people, and at this dance there was a handsome man that everyone seemed to be noticing and talking about. He was tall, had dark features, and was dressed in an expensive white suit.

As the night wore on, he asked a young woman by the name of Patricia to dance. She was happy that she was chosen out of all the woman there and began dancing with the handsome stranger, who was said to have a very smooth sounding voice.

As the night continued, they danced and danced. For some reason she looked down and saw the man's feet. To her horror, one of the man's feet resembled a huge chicken foot. Terrified at what she saw she began screaming loudly. Everyone stopped dancing at the sounds of her screaming and looked at her to see what was going on. They saw the man's strange foot and could not believe what they were seeing. At that moment he smiled at everyone and disappeared.

No one knows who this strange man was. Some say he was a ghost of a man that was killed there years ago, others say he was a demon playing that enjoyed scaring young women. And then some say it was the Devil himself, reminding everyone that they won't know who he is until it's too late.


Anonymous said...

This is interesting. My mother told me of a very similar story that happened in the 70's or early 80's in a town in Chihuahua, Mexico.

I believe it's a true story.

Anonymous said...

this story was also told to my mother by my step father years ago. but in his story it happened to him in Mexico. he kidnapped a sweetheart on his horse and when he saw her feet they were hoffs like that of a goat. he dropped her off his horse and went back home scared to death.

nicole said...

yes that is a true story indeed.. many people here in fresno have heard of this story and witnessed this event..

G Boogie said...

I heard about a similar story happening at the Siete de Copas in Farmersville, which is like Mexico, I guess. Chicken foot, goat foot, handsome man, well dressed, devil, chaos, pandemonium, death. Urban legends.

Anonymous said...

My great grandmother was a witness to this its very true

lucie morris said...

I live in fresno my sister in law father friends went to that same ballroom back in the 70s. They told me about this incident...crazy im surprized its not widely known yet